White Tiger and White Lion Had Babies And They’re Adorable

Ivory and Saraswati’s four new cubs , Yeti , Odlin , Sampson and Apolo . These little cubs are unique and amazing. There are only about 1200 white tigers and 300 white lions left in the world so that makes it so rare for a tiger and a lion to mate, so a union of the white tiger and white lion is even more unlikely.

Theor rare genealogy makes them special and there are likely the first white ligers to ever be born. They have unique cream colored coats and spots.
By the time they are just two years old they eventually will grow to be as tall as 10 feet, so the sanctuary’s staff might be able to hold them now but soon these cubs will reach a hefty 750 pounds each.

750 pounds is a lot for an animal but that’s a fair estimate when you’re crossing a lion and a tiger.Hercules who is officially the largest liveing cat on Earth is the uncle of the cubs, he loves hanging out with his handlers and his new tiny nephews at the sanctuary.

These liger cubs have a couple of years before they reach their uncle’s size , thankfully. Untild then they relish all of the joys of being teeny tiny kittens.
You can check out the video to watch the cubs in action below.

Ligers, like most hybrids, may not be able to reproduce, so these cubs could be the last of their kind. This means they’re just as rare as they are beautiful!

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