The Cars Best Cars Award

The German car giant BMW does not stop from winning new victories. This time, BMW also managed to get into the top three in seven areas.For BMW, 2018 was crowned the “Best Cars Award”. Gerel BMW 5 Series, the BMW X1 “Auto, Motor und Sport” magazine’s latest reader survey won their class victory. The BMW 5 Series, which won first place in the Orta Premium Intermediate ategor category, continued its success in 2016. The BMW X1 proved itself in the ”Compact SUV” class. In addition, six more BMW models were found on the scene in the respective car classes.

The Cars Best Cars Award biri is one of the most prestigious and traditional awards in the automotive industry. Readers chose the BMW 5 Series as the most popular car in the “High Level Intermediate” class, with 28.8 percent of the total vote. Thus, BMW won the Cars Best Cars Award tarafından presented by the magazine “auto, motor und sport,,“ Auto Trophy – World’s Best Cars verilen by the Otomobil Auto Zeitung Birleşik magazine and the “Car of the Year ta in the UK.Last year, the BMW 5 Series won the D Red Dot Award ”and the F iF Gold Award sayesinde for its outstanding design and the ener Goldener Computer ağ award for its networking technology. The BMW 5 Series also received the “Value Champion 2017 iyle title with an above average value balance.The BMW X1 also added a new one to its previous achievements by winning the “Best Cars Award” category in 2018. The vehicle achieved 15.9 percent of the vote and achieved a remarkable success in the “Compact SUV” field.

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