The car manufacturer has issued a comprehensive

No driver, no pedals, no steering. Only seats, screens and closing doors. This is what drivers will see when General Motors Cruise is scheduled to sail in 2019 as they enter one of the self-driving electric vehicles.The automobile manufacturer gave very detailed information about the car, including redundant systems that would replace a human driver and prioritize the safety of the fully autonomous vehicle. GM chairman Dan Ammann, in a conference call with journalists, said the car is the fourth generation vehicle to be released from the cruise section of the car manufacturer. In 2016, GM acquired Cruise Automation, a Silicon Valley company.

Cruise’s combination of technology optimized for complex urban environments, such as San Francisco, with GM’s ability to develop and produce vehicles on a large scale, rapid development and a critical early design are seen as proof of this engineering decision.GM estimates that it can already remove its fourth-generation autonomous vehicles in seven US states without creating a legal problem. Federal authorization will have to get permission from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Ammann said GM wanted the government to allow it. The car manufacturer has issued a comprehensive safety report to facilitate the process of obtaining the highest level of autonomous driving permission on the road.By 2019, the car manufacturer plans to work with states without existing legal restrictions on self-driving vehicles to solve potential problems. GM used an example of a steering wheel airbag requirement. Since the new vehicle does not have a steering wheel, the company wants to use a passenger-side airbag to ensure the rule.

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