Solider service dog reunited with the inmate that trained him

Being in the military requires a lot of strength and mental power. People leave their homes, are separated from their loved ones, and return home with post traumatic stress disorder. People decide to cope with PTSD either via medication or therapy. A recent way of coping has involved the use of service dogs.Service dogs, like the yellow Labrador above help people manage with their PTSD problems and get on with daily life tasks.Sgt. Bill Campbell, a 47 year-old veteran who is afraid of crowds (one of the PTSD manifestations) received Pax as his service dog and his whole life changed afterward. Having a dog, he said, made life bearable again. The two of them shared a strong bond.

Hadn’t it been for Pax’s trainer, Bill wouldn’t be where he is today. Thus, he wanted to find her and thank her personally. Bill found out that the woman named Laurie Kellog was the dog’s trainer, and the dog had previously lived at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility and was taken care of by several female inmates of that facility, one being Laurie as well.

Laurie said that it was easy to train Pax for PTSD disorder as she too had suffered from PTSD before as well as years of domestic violence. When she found out that the dog was going to a soldier who had also suffered from PTSD, she was super thrilled.

Bill and the dog travelled to meet Laurie as she had made life better for Bill and the dog. It was a very special moment for the three of them to be together and needless to say the dog was super thrilled and recognized Laurie immediately. He ran up to her and gave her lots of hugs and kisses.

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