Interior design Revolutionary interior approach

Interior design: Revolutionary interior approach,Mercedes-Benz redefines the interior design and luxury and modern concepts of the new A-Class by revolutionizing the interior of the compact class with a completely new sense of space. The revolutionary interior architecture is characterized by an innovative front console and dashboard approach.Mercedes-Benz breaks new ground and does not include a visor on the instrument panel. Thus, the line of the main body of the instrument panel extends from one door to the next without interruption. The innovative large display, dominating the cockpit, is fully exposed while the turbine-like ventilation grilles support the sporty design.The widescreen dashboard is divided into two horizontal displays, while the lower part is separated from the upper part by a recess, making the impression that the dashboard is visually floating in the air. Ambient lighting further enhances this effect, with 64 color options available on request.Innovative instrument panel; two 7-inch, one 7-inch, one 10.25 inch and two 10.25 inch are offered in three different combinations.

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