Hilarious Moment as Dog Brings Water Hose into House

We wonder what dogs do at home when we leave them alone , one of things that can happen is this story with this dog that brings the water hose inside.Some of us are so curious that we put cameras around the house to know what happens while we’re not there, mainly for security reasons. And when we go back to watch the cameras, we see that our dogs don’t do much except for laying around all day. Some others can sign up for a surprise.Such is the case of the woman in this story. One day, she came home from work and saw that her house was covered in water. She did not know what had happened, but had a feeling her dog, Winston, had something to do with it. Therefore, she watched the cameras installed in her house to see what was happening.

In the video that has been shared all over social media, you can see the dog, Winston, take the hose into the house and filling it up with water. If the hose was turned off, this would have been harmless. But unfortunately, it was turned on and it soaked everything it touched. And the bad news is that Winston did not let the hose in one room only, but walked around from room to room, spreading the damage everywhere in the house.He then turns the hose back where it belonged, as if he wanted to hide all evidence of what had happened, and what he had done.+The owners might laugh looking back at what happened, but they were surely mad at the moment. Watch the video to better understand what happened.

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