Driver kicked stray dog – then he watches car get destroyed after same dog returns with friends

People abusing or mistreating animals sadly is something we’ve become accustomed to hearing and reading a lot about.
Some do it to make themselves feel powerful, whatever the reasons , the matter is that not enough of the offenders are cought and punished.
In this case a man in China pulled up to his regular parking spot and found a stray dog in it , he did not attempt to move the dog rather he got out and kicked it.
Then the stray dog returned a little later on with his friends accourding to reports, they immediately set to attack the man’s car, the best of this case is that his
neighbor was able to film the whole thing on video, dogs apparently chewed on the frame of the car, as well as the windshield wipers and, well, just about anything else they could get their jaws round.

In fact, the dogs were so intelligent that they had one dog act as a lookout to see if anyone was coming while they engaged in some special “detailing” of animal abuser’s ride. It’s incredible how thoroughly these dogs wreck this guy’s car, I mean they even managed to chew on his windshield wipers before taking off. The neighbors must have been genuinely amazed and shock to have witnessed this scene.

Maybe this poor idiot will think twice before harming another dog taking a nap in his parking spot, or anywhere for that matter!

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