Dog Steals Dad’s Dentures And Gets A Hilarious New Smile

Dogs always love to steal things like socks, food, all sort of things and tried to get away with it. A user in Twitter identified as Eunice shared photos of her dog Maggie , the dog’s attempt to steal her father’s dentures. For Maggie hiding a pair of dentrures is difficult task for a Shih Tzu.
Eunice wrote that one day her father took his dentures out in the middle of the afternoon because his gums had been hurting him. Maggie saw an opportunity and popped those suckers right into her own mouth!
Even though it took Eunice a “few months” to share the hilarious photos of Maggie wearing Eunice’s father’s dentures on Twitter, they have since been retweeted over 50,000 times.

In the end everything worked out, Eunice said her father was in the market for a new pair.

She wrote: “A few months ago my dog, Maggie, stole my dads dentures while he was napping (his gums had been hurting him so he took them out mid-afternoon) and he found her like this…”“I was in tears laughing and showing all of my coworkers,” she said when her dad texted her the photos of Maggie.”He thought maybe he had left them in the bathroom,” Eunice said. “When they weren’t there, he went searching downstairs and found Maggie under my living room table.”

“He sent me a picture and explained what had happened and I was in literal tears,” she said.

Thankfully, Eunice confirmed that her father had bought a new set to replace them, that means Maggie kept the original ones – she did suit them.

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