Depending on the level of equipment

The new A-Class is also the first Mercedes-Benz model equipped with the innovative in-car infotainment system “MBUX – Mercedes-Benz User Experience olan, which is also the beginning of a new era in me Mercedes me connect” technology. MBUX, which has learning capability with its artificial intelligence technology, can be personalized and adapts itself to user behaviors. With this aspect, the system establishes a unique link between the driver, passengers and the car.

Depending on the level of equipment, a touch-screen, high-resolution widescreen display, a navigation screen with augmented reality technology, and a smart voice command system with the ability to understand the natural spoken language, activated by the keyword Mercedes Hey Mercedes diğer, and a virtual dashboard projected on the windscreen. stands out as important features.The MBUX is controlled via three different touch interfaces: the touchscreen, the touchpad integrated in the center console and the touchpad integrated in the steering wheel.With the new generation infotainment system MBUX, new and improved Mercedes me services come into play. Some of these are services such as the ability to determine the position of the vehicle that makes it easier to locate the parked vehicle, and to alert the driver if the parked car is hit or moved.

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