Advanced cameras and radar systems

The new Mercedes-Benz A-Class sets off with the most up-to-date driving support systems that make the driver’s life easier and offers the most comprehensive level of active safety in its class with features transferred from the S-Class. The new A-Class is capable of semi-autonomous driving under certain driving conditions. Advanced cameras and radar systems scan a distance of 500 meters in the driving direction. The A-Class also uses map and navigation data to perform driving assistance functions. As a part of the driving assistance system, the Active Tracking Assist DISTRONIC can support the driver in different driving conditions, for example by comfortably reducing the speed before cornering, turnovers or intersections.

The new A-Class comes standard with an advanced Active Brake Assist. System that effectively supports the drive; it can also detect pedestrians or cyclists crossing the road other than slower, slowing down or stationary vehicles, braking and reducing or preventing the severity of a possible impact.PRE-SAFE PLUS can detect a possible rear-end collision risk. If the risk of collision continues while the car is stationary, the system brakes and the vehicle moves forward with the severity of the rear collision, preventing the driver and accompanying passengers from facing a second impact.The new A-Class is the first Mercedes-Benz model developed at the new Vehicle Safety Technology Center (TFS). In this center, real life accident cases are examined and taken into consideration and in the light of the data obtained, measures are taken in vehicle architecture. Each component of the frame and frame is optimized in the light of these data, including geometry, material thickness, bonding technique and material quality.

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